What Are You Waiting For!?

I don’t have enough money, he/she is out of my league, it’s a risk that I’m not quite ready for, or this just isn’t the right time. These are just some of the answers we like to go to when answering the question of “why you haven’t done that thing you’ve always wanted to do.”

Well I’ve got news for you, you’re NEVER going to be completely ready to make that decision. You see, many of us find comfort in the idea that everything will be okay if you take time to consider and plan for ALL the options and possibilities, the pros and cons, and what could go wrong. Thereby doing this we think that we have some form of control of the situation so that if things work out, we can attribute it to our careful planning and if things don’t work out, we just didn’t think it through enough.

But the outcome has very little to do with your conscious intent and control. The reason why is due to the fact that, for almost every decision, there is an INFINITE amount of possible outcomes that could happen. There’s just no way to prepare for all of them. You can spend months or even years studying all the books and videos on the “right” style to attract someone, the “most efficient” way to travel the world, or the “best” method to start your own business.

When I backpacked through Europe for a couple months, I thought I had prepared a good amount. What I didn’t plan for was having to sleep at bus stations, wash my clothes in hostel sinks, and run for my life from a wild dog. It was the experience of a lifetime and just like me, you’ll surprise yourself at how you handle these unpredictable situations.

Now I’m not saying that you should just drop everything, quit your job, move to LA, and pursue that acting career. With zero preparation and research, you’re not exactly setting yourself up for success. My point is that trying to plan and be prepared for EVERYTHING can be just as detrimental. Believe in your ability to succeed and take a chance on yourself. Realize that you may never be ready but the best things in life come with an element of risk. What are you waiting for?

There are seven days in a week… and someday isn’t one of them.


Sadness; Life’s Valuable Surprise

“There is only one thing I dread, not to be worthy of my suffering. “ Dostoevski.

Most people who think of a meaningful life may envision a person who has traveled from the pyramids of Egypt to the trails of Machu Picchu, is a positive influence in the lives of those around them, or creates a remarkable invention that improves people’s quality of life. But adventure, amusement, and creativity cannot be the only aspects of life that are meaningful. Truly, if there is any meaning to life at all than there must be meaning in suffering and sadness.

We have all, in some way, experienced some form of sadness in our lives. But just as there is life and death, life cannot be complete without bad experiences with good ones. A life with nothing but good fortune becomes a completely predictable one. What kind of life is that where it is completely predictable? Imagine if everything you ever did always turn out great. You would win the lottery every time you played, made every basketball shot you took, won every race you ran, and would have a full sense of control in every situation.

And that’s not what you want at all because a life in which you have total control is a life where you have no future. You cannot know how it is going to turn out and that is why sadness is necessary. Sadness preserves the most unique thing about our lives…the ability to not know what’s coming, the surprise. And a life without surprise and mystery is one you should never want to live.

Take a moment to look back at all you’ve been through. Look at how far you’ve come and how strong you are to have been through everything you’ve been through. You’ve taken the opportunity in your suffering and sadness to make yourself stronger and wiser. You never gave up and you’ve added a deeper meaning to your life. For your tears from these situations are a witness that you have the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer. And that courage is something no one can ever take away from you.


(In Norway)


What You’ve ALWAYS Wanted


You’ve constantly been putting me off.

With time that you could be spending with me,

You devote to things you don’t really like or TV.

But I’ll always be there no matter what,

Because you created me when you thought me up.

You tell me you’ll start paying attention and taking action,

When the fireworks go off for a New Year I am your first interaction.


Though sticking with me can be tough,

And yes there’s times when you think you’ve had enough,

Remember there are rewards that I bring,

And a special cure from that failure sting.


Because I am that trip you want to take,

I am that habit you’d like break,

I am that attractive person you want to say hello,

I am that person you want to outgrow

Because I am you, the change you want to be,

And I know it cannot start in the world but within me.

The Real You

An astounding fact is that there are an estimated 7.2 BILLION people on this planet right now. And of those 7.2 billion people, there is only one you. Whether past, present, or future there will never be another person exactly like you. To put it in perspective, you are as rare as this moment in time you are experiencing right now. And just like this moment, YOU are irreplaceable.

But what is the real you?

In a world of commercials, billboards, and internet ads, we are constantly being conditioned on what is the “social norm.” Society tells us how we should act, what to buy, and how to dress. That if you don’t follow these rules you may be LABELED as odd or strange. Don’t believe me; see how many confused looks you get when you start telling your friends you’ve gone vegetarian,  would rather read than watch TV, or dare I say… quit drinking. (And if you’re doing any of these things, kudos to you)

The real you is that kid that didn’t want power, money, popularity, or fame. The time in your life when you weren’t afraid to take chances, explore the unknown, or cared what people thought.

You went exploring as soon as you could walk, took the chance and touched something hot so you could experience it yourself rather than to just do what you were told. You also may have even said hello to strangers and really believed you could be anything in the world.

So never doubt that you can’t talk to that attractive guy/girl, try something new, or travel around because chances are, you’ve already tried it in some form as an uninfluenced child.

You are capable of anything regardless of what people say and these labels whether positive or negative do not matter because you are not a salesman, a student, a married woman, a Christian, or a friend. You are not even your name. No label on earth could fully embody the miraculous complex creature that you are other than… You are just you and that within itself means that YOU are special.


What’s Your Legacy

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

When it’s all said and done, most of how people are going to see you is in your control and your actions dictate that. People who lie a lot are deemed lairs and people who act silly and aren’t afraid to speak up are deemed confident, but no matter what negative or positive image people have of you now, there’s always time to build and improve it.

There’s a very powerful exercise in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where you imagine four people getting up to say a few words about you at your funeral. They talk about the type of person you were, what you stood for, and how you lived. The first speaker is a family member. The second is a friend. The third is someone from your community. The fourth is someone you worked with for many years.

The idea is to visualize the scene in great detail, and then write down the type of things you’d like those people to say about you. How will you want them to remember you after you’re gone? Actually write out what you’d like them to say.

Once you feel like you’ve nailed it, you’ll have a solid idea of what you’re aiming for in life, the type of memories you want to create, the legacy YOU truly want to leave.

If you want to be seen as a creative artist (painter, writer, musician) then start putting your work out there on social media for the world to see. You want to be seen as the type of person who cares about the body and promotes healthy eating? Then join health forums, help educate those around you, and live the life you promote. Maybe you want to be seen as the passionate traveler? Then get out there and start seeing this huge world around us. You can get a round trip ticket to London for as low as $635. (If you spend $45/weekend at bars over 4 months, that’s $640)

This exercise helped me figure out that, among other things, I was severely lacking in my passion to actively improve people’s quality of life in my community. Since then I’ve been volunteering to teach kids how to read but that’s just the first of many needed steps forward.

But this is just MY vision. What does yours tell you?

Other notes: Thanks to those who sent me their Resumes last week as part of my free career consulting services giveaway. I’ve been working hard to update each one along with giving you helpful insights into improving your web presence and hope to hear some of your success stories/new potential careers very soon.


Owning Your Time

One of the most important resources you have is your time and attention. In a world where you can be famous just from a Youtube video, Twitter post, or Instagram photo people want to be noticed more than ever.

But what do you want? The answer to this question is where majority of your attention and time should really go. As with any limited resource, your time and attention is valuable and should be guarded appropriately.

I want to improve myself every day and help others do the same in all aspects of life, so that’s where most of my attention goes. I read books and articles that help me learn and produce content that I believe will benefit other people.

There’s no point in worrying about things you can’t control, buying things you don’t need, watching random television just because its on, or hanging out with people you don’t care about. You just end up absorbing useless information.

What if, instead of giving up your time on things you like, you use it on things you love. Spend time with people you really look up to, read books that you find deeply interesting, and do things that you really enjoy.

We have a very limited amount of time on this Earth. Shouldn’t yours be spent on doing things you truly love?